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Work Remotly

With things changing so fast it is hard to keep up. Schools closing, Bars and restaurants only doing take out or delivery and even stores forced to close many businesses are looking ahead asking what is next.

Should we close, stay open with skeleton staff or just keep everyone working. This can be a stressful time filled with anxiety and worry. We cant help with all of those issues but CHS Tech Solutions can help if you need to or are forced to allow some or all of your workforce to work from home. Below are 3 options based on a few situations. You can use information from all the options or just follow the one that most closely fits your situation. And please remember, CHS Tech Solutions is here to help if you have any questions.

Just a few users, Most are still working from the office

Maybe you only have 2 or 3 people in your office or maybe only 3 or 4 people need to work Remotely. Here is the information to help.
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Most people are working from home, or you are sending whole teams to work remotely

Your team needs to work from home or maybe you have several parents that need to watcher their kids while working remotely. Here is the information to help.
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You are closing your whole office

You need to close your whole office and send everyone home. Here is the information to help with that.
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Other Tools

The first 4 options were how to handle your computers, email, and phones. Here are some tools to help your team continue to work effectively while working remotely.
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