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BNI Google Review Instructions

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To leave a google review we there are 2-3 steps.

Please use the buttons below to find the correct step for you to start at.

Get a Google Account

If you do not have or do not know if you have a google accould this is the place to start.


Log into you google account

If you know you have a google account you can start here to get logged in!


Start leaving reviews!

if you are logged in and just want to start leaving reviews please start here.


OK!  Lets get a Google account!

Step one: Click the link here to open the account sign in page.

Step 2:  On the sign in page click the create account button. and Select “For Myself”

Step 3: Fill in your name, username, and password and click next. your username must be unique and when you click next you may get an error asking you to change it.  Just choose another.

Step 4: Google now needs to verify you.  Please enter your phone number.  You must enter a cellphone.

Step 5: When you press enter a new box will appear to enter your code.  Check you cellphone text messages to get your code.  The code is just the 6 numbers.  Please DO NOT include the “G-“

Step 6: Enter the required information and we are almost done!

Step 7: Click Skip.  You can always add there options later if you want.

Step 8: Scroll all the way to the bottom and accept the terms of service and you are finished. You will not be logged into you new google account. Remember you password. You will need it later.  Congradulation you have a new Google Account!

Go back to the top of the page and select “Start Leaving Reviews”

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So you already have an account!  Lets Get Logged In!

Step 1: Click the link here to be taken to the Login Page.

Step 2: Enter your Username and click Next

Step 3: Enter your Password and click next.

Congradulations!  you are now logged into your google account.  If you do not see this page please try another password or try the forgot password link.  Please use the botton below to go back to the top of this page and select the “Start leaving reviews” option.

Back to the top

So your ready to start leaving reviews!  Awesome!

Step 1: Click the link in your email to open the BNI Google Review Page and scroll down until you see the businesses to review

Step 3: Starting with the first button click the “Link Here” button to have the google page for that businesses opened.

Step 4: Click the “Write a Review” button.  You may need to scroll down a little bit to see the button.

Step 5: Give the business 4 or 5 starts, Enter your comments at the second arrow and finish you review by clicking “Post”.  If you have never used the business review the owner, or the person you do know.  Each review helps.

That is all there is to it!  Close the review window and go back to the list of businesses and review the next one in the list.