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IT Consulting Companies Can Shrink Your Small Business Costs

Hiring an IT consulting company as a small business can seem like an expensive option, but a good Tech company can help you reduce your expenses, and drive more profits your way.  Technology is rapidly growing in complexity and managing the whole system from phone systems to automated backups can be a time consuming affair, and every hour a small business spends on supportings it’s own computers and networks, is a hour it’s people aren’t spending on their customers.  TIme is valuable, and so is a system that works for you.

5 Small Business Technology Headaches IT Consultants Help You Avoid

Keeping a computer support team at hand can help your small business avert any number of minor and major disasters. These headaches add up to major expenses and wasted money over time, so it makes sense for any modern business to invest in the support necessary to mitigate those issues.    

Leverage Technology in Your Small Business Team

Technology can be extremely frustrating, especially when you don’t have time to mess around with complicated set ups, or the budget to hire in house IT staff.  when working correctly, Technology can be leveraged in small teams to improve collaboration, communication, productivity, and increase sales.  The key is to successfully navigate the maze of tech offerings to get the most out of your budget.  

Amazing Free Software for Small Businesses in Lancaster Pa

Lancaster County is covered with small businesses. From farm stands in the countryside to painters and sculptors in Lancaster City, from family farms to high tech and software companies; we have it all.  The one thing all these small businesses have in common is the need to get things done. Quickly, efficiently and without a huge investment in technology before you even get started. There are hundreds of free software applications out there to help you out.

Development Servers on a Budget

Say you want to learn and expand on your development skills,  what is a good development platform?  one thing you can do is to set up xampp or similar virtual server and develop locally on your machine.  the downside is it ignores many of the complexities of setting up a server and networking, and has…
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Keeping Your Small Business Website Up to Date

Websites are often the ugly child in a small businesses marketing budget.  They are expensive and often require experts to maintain your website.  Once it is up and running many small business owners don’t look at it until it becomes painstakingly obvious it is past time for an upgrade, or when something catastrophic happens.  This…
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Data Collection for Small Businesses

Data is everywhere you look.  Every action generates large quantities of data.  It’s important to make the distinction between data and information.  Data is the unprocessed, raw facts and figures, and information is the organized data displayed in a systematic way. Collecting and organizing data into information helps companies capitalize on opportunities.   Data collection is…
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Shared Hosting for Small Businesses

There are three main types of web servers that you can can choose when deciding where to put your website.  They are Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and Dedicated Servers.  Dedicated Servers are by far the most expensive and resource intensive option.  Not only does it contain the software, but it also involves the…
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Don’t Use Sliders

Just about every website seems to have sliders anymore.  Even large well known websites have sliders.  They seem to have a tremendous potential for drawing in customers and displaying more information on a web page.  However, there are pitfalls with using sliders.  Drawbacks of Using a Slider One of the drawbacks of using sliders are…
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What are you Talking About?

Inevitably web designers and developers start talking about things that don’t have much relavance to the average person.  so here are some common things that the average person might want to know.   Responsive Design This phrase means that the website resizes it appearance based on the screen size of the visitor.  from smartphones, to…
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