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Month: May 2017

We Make I.T. Work

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Ongoing Massive Ransomware Attack

On Friday one of the most massive ransomware attacks started.  This is currently affecting 200,000 computers, in 99 countries.  the majority of the attacks targeted eastern europe and asia.  but global firms like Fedex and U.K. Hospitals have also been affected.  Computers in Lancaster, PA have also been affected.

Paperless in 2017 is not a Pipedream

Since the dawn of personal computers paperless has been promised, but never fulfilled.  For many paperless is a pipedream that might never happen, but in 2017 It’s becoming a reality for many businesses.  A paperless environment requires many pieces of technology employed effectively to happen.  While going green has never been this easy, it does take a concerted conscious effort to achieve a truly paper free environment.

Why Everyone Needs Encryption

Encryption is often considered something that only large corporations need.  Very often we take security for granted and don’t protect sensitive information.  In our previous articles, we covered the importance of encryption when transmitting information.  However, this is only one area of encryption. The encryption of digital files, and securing of computers and devices are equally as important.