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Month: April 2017

We Make I.T. Work

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Good computer support should be at the heart of every small business

Establishing and operating a small business is never easy. It is also costly and involves making lots of challenging budgetary decisions. One of the most vital parts of the small business budget however, is the computer support allocation. Revenue spent on computer support assures the smooth running of day-to-day business. Quality Hardware Support Most small…
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Technology Every Salesperson Needs in Their Arsenal

Modern technology has made it much easier for the on the road salesperson to stay connected with their home office.  It ensures that your virtual office has the same kind of access that your main office does.   Soft Phones softphones are the new office phone.  when you hit the road selling, it pays to…
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Best Webmail Software for Small Businesses

Webmail is ubiquitous in today’s business, but often the choices between interfaces and email hosting solutions are difficult to decipher. Today we are taking a look at some of the more popular email solutions, and some open source alternatives.

Using VPNs to Enhance your Privacy and Security

Virtual private networks are an excellent tool to enhance your privacy.  Find out why you should be using VPNs and the features that good VPNs have. 

Digital Privacy in 2017

It’s 2017 and are you prtotecting yourself online.  Digital Privacy is a hot button issue that has become increasingly politicized.  Find out how to protect yourself from unwanted spying, and intrusion into your online space.