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IT Consulting Companies Can Shrink Your Small Business Costs

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IT Consulting Companies Can Shrink Your Small Business Costs

Hiring an IT consulting company as a small business can seem like an expensive option, but a good Tech company can help you reduce your expenses, and drive more profits your way.  Technology is rapidly growing in complexity and managing the whole system from phone systems to automated backups can be a time consuming affair, and every hour a small business spends on supportings it’s own computers and networks, is a hour it’s people aren’t spending on their customers.  TIme is valuable, and so is a system that works for you.

Why IT Support Services are a Good Choice

Typically a company doesn’t require a full time IT Technician until they hit between 25 and 50 workstations.  even then depending on the resources it can still be worthwhile to have outside tech support.  Small Businesses usually don’t have the resources to hire highly skilled technicians that can cost anywhere from 35k a year (not including benefits) all the way to 120k or more.  A Managed IT Service provider usually have several technicians on staff with varying concentrations.  It is very difficult to find a person that is good with networking, hardware, and databases at a small business price.  An IT management company can provide all three for the same cost of one person to a small business.  

IT Support Services Work Faster

There is no point in beating around the bush.  IT Support companies are experts at Tech Support.  they can provide much better support than that girl down the hall that knows how to use the company printer.  you wouldn’t hire a doctor to fix the plumbing or hire the carpenter to perform surgery, so call the experts to get the best service.  A good Tech set up can make your company more efficient, more capable, and more productive.  

Managed IT Support Plans

managed support plans are often a good choice even for companies with minimal IT support needs.  It guarantees a fixed monthly cost even if all hell breaks lose.  At CHS Tech Solutions we offer Peace of Mind IT Support Plans for our clients.  It helps you budget your Tech expenses and sleep easy know you will have IT experts on hand for any issues that come up.  

Fixed monthly cost plans are very similar to how insurance premiums work.  you pay a fixed monthly rate, and you protect your equipment and technology.  when something breaks you can rest easy knowing your systems are supported by an on call experienced technical support team.  

Preventive Maintenance

Healthcare has been extolling the virtues of preventive medicine.  the old saying is a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is true in medicine, and is true in Tech Support.  Swapping out a failing hard drive before it crashes can save hours or days of downtime, online back ups can save a company from spending weeks rebuilding contact lists, or accounting information.  with a Managed Tech Support plan preventative monitoring is included as part of the contract. Monitoring is a key component of preventive   maintenance.  monitoring can include servers, networks, desktop computers, and laptops.  

Network monitoring include traffic monitoring to ensure that bandwidth is kept at an optimal level.  as Network traffic increases over time alerts at certain thresholds can help you and your managed IT support company plan and budget a network expansion before performance and user experience is degraded.  

All equipment wears out overtime and becomes obsolete.  new software slowly pushes older hardware harder and hard.  the average life expectancy for a business computer is typically about 5 years.  obviously this can be highly variable based on a variety of factors.  by monitoring hardware your support team can find and replace problematic hardware earlier at a cost savings.  replacements can be planned and coordinated to make transistions less painful and abrupt. 

Access To knowledge

IT Support Companies can help you figure out what the best solution for your business is and helps you reduce spending on unnecessary solutions.  A IT expert can tell you if you need to replace a hard drive, or upgrade your memory, and when It’s better to replace a computer.  Leveraging Technology can help you gain an edge on your competitors, so why not take the plunge and sleep well at night?

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