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Common computer support mistakes that small businesses make

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Common computer support mistakes that small businesses make

One of the biggest drawbacks in the management of small businesses is that they are run by an individual or members of the same family. Although the arrangement ensures fast decisions, it can be a hindrance to growth if the business acumen of the proprietor is limited. If the management does not appreciate the value of technology in the growth of the firm, they are likely to make decisions that will have negative consequences. 

Some of the common computer support mistakes that small businesses make include:

1. Employing someone with minimal tech support skills

In a small, family-owned business, the manager is likely to pick the person from within their ranks with the reputation of being the most ”tech savvy”. The problem might be that the chosen person may not have the necessary skills to protect the company’s computers from internal and external threats. The administration is likely to be pleased with their decision to employ someone they will pay a modest salary and view it as a cost-cutting measure. 

2. Having inadequate power protection

Due to lack of proper information, a firm may choose to run their server and computer with an insufficient power protection system. In the event of a power surge, they may end up losing all their data and hardware.

3. Having weak backup procedures

If the small business employs an unqualified person to man their IT desk, the person may not implement an effective backup plan. Even if they set up the system, they may not follow the laid down procedure at all times, as a result of inadequate supervision. In the unfortunate event that the business loses data, they will be shocked to find out that important information has not been backed up.

4. Allowing security lapses

When a small firm depends on a single IT person, the chances of missing something are multiplied. Such a company is at risk of a full range attack. Considering that cyber crime is now one of the fastest growing vices in America, every company should reinforce its security measures.

5. Lacking a training program

The only thing constant about technology is change. What works today may not work tomorrow. Any firm that wishes to stay ahead ought to organize regular training for its staff. Any Lancaster business operated by someone that dislikes change or does not see the need to upgrade their computer infrastructure will end up failing.

6. Using pirated software

There is a tendency by some organizations to cut costs by using illegal software. The reason they do this is because they lack someone to advise them on the pitfalls of such a move. When there is a glitch in their software, they are left counting their losses, since they cannot ask for support from the owners of the software. A legitimate business should operate using authorized software only.

If you are running a growing business and you have made any of the mistakes detailed above, it is time you reached out to a company offering small business support. CHS Tech Solutions is one such company that will audit your current systems, recommend the changes you need to make and provide you with professional tech support.

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