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5 ridiculous ways a lack of computer support is wasting your money

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5 ridiculous ways a lack of computer support is wasting your money

If you’ve been running your business without proper computer support, you’re almost certainly hemorrhaging money from any number of areas. When you add up the improvements you can gain by minimizing downtime, automating repetitive tasks, streamlining operations, and enhancing communications, there’s simply no reason any business should attempt to succeed without technical assistance. This list may be far from exhaustive, but it should help you understand just what a top end technical team could do for your company: 

1. Paying people to automate tasks

There are countless simplistic, repetitive tasks performed at businesses around the world by skilled employees—and most of them don’t need to be. With the right technical solutions in hand, many repetitive tasks can be fully or partially automated—which means a task that once took multiple days to complete can be done in a single person’s single work hour. Having a technical support team audit your operations and identify such tasks can have an astounding impact on your bottom line and employee efficiency.

2. Loss and errors induced by outdated hardware and software

Old hardware fails. Old software makes mistakes. Both of these problems cost your company money in any number of ways. Lost data can lead to lost clients, force employees to work overtime to catch up, or simply slow worker efficiency to nil. With dedicated computer support for your business, you can be confident that the infrastructure underlying your day to day workings is as modern and resilient as possible; no more easy avoided problems that could have been patched away with a savvy support, and no more irrevocably lost data.

3. Logistical inefficiency

If you’re not running some form of modern logistics software to handle your supplies, you’re throwing money away with both fists. Even tiny changes to day to day efficiency can have astounding long term impacts on your bottom line, but identifying those changes and making them is beyond even the savviest manager if he or she isn’t equipped with the right tools for the job. Having proper tech support on your side makes it easy to get this sort of solution up and running in a short time; trying to do it without experienced computer support can and will become a nightmare.

4. Minor technical problems

Minor technical problems – the sort your employees eventually figure out on their own – may be costing you far more money than you realize. As with the easily automated tasks we mentioned before, having employees’ time locked up providing their own tech support is extremely inefficient. It’s not unreasonable for a moderately savvy employee to spend an hour hunting down a fix for a computer problem which a proper tech support could have resolved in 30 seconds. It’s easy to see how that would add up to ridiculous waste. 

5. Exposure to potential hacks

While most businesses don’t have to worry much about being hacked, those that do get hacked can face truly catastrophic losses. And while there’s no such thing as invincible security, basic tech support can eliminate the overwhelming majority of threats with minimal effort.

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