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4 tech tips to boost your small business

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4 tech tips to boost your small business

For small businesses to grow, it takes hard work, just like in any business. But when compared to a bigger company, small businesses need to work smarter and more efficiently since there are fewer resources available. But with today’s technology and media, the playing field is more even than ever. So when it comes to working smarter, here are the top four tech tips to help your small business boom.

1. Consistency

Whatever your business is, consistency is key. If you write articles, you probably don’t want to publish them at wildly different times. This notion especially applies to a business built around video. Try to post at the same time, every time. Your audience on YouTube wants to see your content, and if they have the expectation that it’s always posted on Tuesday at noon, it’s up to you to deliver on that. You can schedule your videos when uploading to publish at a specific time, allowing you to stay on schedule. Whatever your field, make sure you deliver a consistent product.

2. Know your website

Do you want people to visit your website and learn everything there is to know about your business? Or do you want it to be lighter on content, or to focus on a portfolio or an image gallery? People who visit your website are going there because they want to find out about your business, so make sure your online presence puts the best foot forward. Remember, that is how they will contact you.

3. Embrace the smaller world

Not everything in your business needs to have huge hulking machines or computers to handle your tasks. You might not need expensive servers because there’s a free or affordable cloud service to house all your data. Rather than bog your employees down with desktop computers, make sure your business is flexible by providing tablets, smartphones, and more ways you can conduct business on the move. Mobile cuts down the clutter. The internet is optimizing for mobile all over, and all these gadgets are built to make multitasking easier. New laptops are smaller and thinner than the models from just a few years ago, so arm your staff with the best to get the best results.

4. Embrace the bigger world

One of the amazing things about technology now is connectivity. With teleconferencing better than ever, you don’t need to have people in the same room to have a successful meeting. There are several programs online you can use to connect to your clients, customers, coworkers and partners. Share your screen, set up a call, video chat with people – the options are limitless. With great tools like Harvest, Basecamp and Salesforce you can manage your projects and set your small business up for success. There’s a lot of excellent tools that put the ‘world wide’ in the world wide web.

With these tips in mind, take your small business to the next level. Choose the best IT support for your small business and see the results.

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