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Month: June 2016

We Make I.T. Work

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5 ridiculous ways a lack of computer support is wasting your money

If you’ve been running your business without proper computer support, you’re almost certainly hemorrhaging money from any number of areas. When you add up the improvements you can gain by minimizing downtime, automating repetitive tasks, streamlining operations, and enhancing communications, there’s simply no reason any business should attempt to succeed without technical assistance. This list may be far from exhaustive, but it should help you understand just what a top end technical team could do for your company: 

4 tech tips to boost your small business

For small businesses to grow, it takes hard work, just like in any business. But when compared to a bigger company, small businesses need to work smarter and more efficiently since there are fewer resources available. But with today’s technology and media, the playing field is more even than ever. So when it comes to working smarter, here are the top four tech tips to help your small business boom.

Does HIPAA require encryption? Yes… No… Kinda?

Hipaa is about as confusing as things can get.  Things you must do. Things you should do but are not explicitly required to do.  Things you really want to do but don’t really need to…  Encryption falls into a gray area between these things.  You must decide if it is required. Lets get some definitions…
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