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Month: February 2016

We Make I.T. Work

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Why your small business needs computer support

You’ve made the decision to open a small business in Lancaster, and you’re proud of how much the business has grown. Up until this point, you haven’t had any issues managing operations without the need for computer support. It may be because you or one of your employees are tech-savvy and getting by throughout the first few years with your infrastructure has been seamless.

This reality isn’t uncommon but, servers are heavily dependent on new technology and updates. Not only is it necessary to use your desktop software to email clients and vendors, but you must also view databases, run accounting, develop spreadsheets, create documentation, and work on other tasks for your small business. Because you’ve been working without computer support, the underlying question is when is the right time to bring in support?

5 reasons your small business needs custom tech solutions

With each passing year, the technology gap between savvy companies and rigid traditionalists grows vaster and more oppressive. Falling behind in the rapid technology arms race means your competitors will possess huge advantages in all aspects of business. Of course, off-the-shelf solutions can keep you on competitive ground in most cases, but if you want to surpass the competition and seize the advantage for yourself, you need custom solutions, tailored to the unique challenges of your business. If you’re not convinced, just consider these five simple reasons to invest in custom business technology solutions:

5 things to look at before buying the Office Printer

As an information tech consulting company many clients ask us about office printers.  Many of our clients just say get any printer and that they don’t care what kind we get, but an office printer is a crucial tool in your business.  If the wrong printer is bought, it could waste time, money, and productivity.