VOIP Phones Systems

CHS Tech Solutions is a leader in Lancaster PA for developing innovative small business solutions for phone systems.  we have a strong understanding of open source phone technologies.


Built to Your Specifications

Unlike many cookie cutter installations, we work with you to build a system that will leave you satisfied with a professional system.  Open Source means greater flexibility and greater control over configurations.  As your business grows your phone system can scale to grow with you significantly decreasing your long term costs. 


Key Features

  • Open Source
    • This means anyone can support the system, and an expensive authorized dealer is not needed to provide ongoing support, this opens up your support options and drives costs down
  • No Additional Licensing fees
  • Creating scalable phones systems, is easy and affordable
  • Use any phone on the market
    • new voip phones
    • existing phones
    • Plain old telephones, (with converters)
  • Easy phone management interfaces

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