CHS Tech Solutions is Merging With Greenberg Associates

On July 30, 2016 Matt Greenberg unexpectedly passed away at his home in Lancaster, PA.  Due to the tragic events, his company, Greenberg Associates, was left without company leadership.  In the days that followed one of the existing clients reached out to Chris Snyder, the owner of CHS Tech Solutions.  Chris is currently stepping in to provide organization and support for the employees and clients of Matt’s company.  He has reached out to the estate and has received the approval to move forward with acquiring Greenberg Associates.  CHS Tech Solutions strives to make this process transparent and keep all clients informed of the ongoing transition. 

Currently, the estate lacks a court appointed executor.  Because of this situation, CHS Tech Solutions does not have access to Matt Greenberg’s financials, or bank accounts.  If you have a retainer CHS will honor the hourly rate of that retainer, but proposes billing on an hour-to-hour basis until the transition is finalized.  After the transition is completed, and the financial situation is stabilized, CHS will bill under the retainer.   CHS will bill under CHS Tech Solutions moving forward, this is to ensure that the employees of Greenberg Associates receive compensation for their time and work.  

CHS is committed to maintaining the same excellent quality of service and keeping continuity of work for all of its clients.

If you have concerns, questions, or want to schedule a meeting feel free to reach out and contact the Leadership Team at CHS Tech Solutions

Chris Snyder
Owner of CHS Tech Solutions
Cell: 717-475-1521
Email: chris@chstechsolutions.com

Chris Gaffney
Director of Web Development
Cell: 717-993-4693 xt 105
Email: chrisg@chstechsolutions.com

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