Adding a User To Synology

1. Access the Web Interface for your Diskstation

2. Log into the Diskstation using an Admin user

3. Click on Control Panel

4. Click on Users

Control Panel .png

5. Click on Create User

6. Fill out user details, check the box to send mail to user (note: don't send password with email); click next

7. On the next page add the user to the correct user group; click next

8. Add the user to Shared folder if more access is needed above standard user group permissions*

user wizzard 3.png

9. On the next screen is a user quota setting, in general leave to default

user wizzard 4.png

10. Assign the user any additional application permissions if needed*

11. Leave user speed limit setting to default

12. Confirm Settings and Click Apply

user wizzard 7.png


*Adding additional permissions above user role is usually not recommended these types of setting is generally better handled at the group level and adds additional layer of security, and control.